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Workspace Rebrand

Workspace Rebrand

Workspace Rebrand

The rebrand project for workspace was a massive effort across multiple products, many of which are used by hundreds of millions of users. Keeping alignment across leadership stakeholders across all of Google throughout the entirety of the project became one of my top priorities

Art Direction

I led the RFP and creative brief process, which later led to a 4 month long collaboration with Wolf Olins to develop a full suite of product icons. We conducted multiple in person branding design sprints, as well as ongoing user research throughout different stages of the process.

After landing on a set of product icons for the Workspace suite, I worked with Nicole Bianchino to develop multiple motion instances that would be a part of the larger rebrand announcement. This included key in-product motion examples, like loading animations for key products, as well as developing a mnemonic for the Google Workspace brand.

I also collaborated with Nicolo to develop a launch sizzle reel, highlighting how the new brand elements, and the products they represent come together as one.

Shortly after, I developed the system icon suite for Workspace products. These icons are now featured in the themed icon set for Pixel phone users.