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Google Drive Redesign

Google Drive Redesign

Google Drive Redesign

In 2018 we kicked off a project to redesign the mobile app for Google Drive. Throughout the year-long process, and in collaboration with the Google Material team I developed the visual design language.

Lead Visual Design

We began with foundational research to better understand the goals of users within the Drive app. By creating personas, we quickly realized that many users open the Drive app looking for a recently opened (or uploaded) file.

We ultimately landed on a home feed concept which surfaced intelligent suggestions based on a handful of triggers. In addition to designing the spec for the home feed, I also led the design of updating folders and files views, as well as many accompanying views on mobile.

After launching the redesigned app in 2019, I transitioned to improving key components of the mobile experience. This included the upload journey, dark mode, and dynamic type on iOS.